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About us

Zhejiang Xiangtai Industry & Trade Co.,Ltd.

The company formerly known as Yongkang Chen Xing Style Ltd., is located in the hardware capital, hundreds of hands Hometown --- Yongkang, east of State Road 330, west Jinliwen high-speed exit, never high-speed exit, convenient transportation and old times. Specializing in the production of outdoor fitness equipment, basketball, table tennis, track and field Gymnastics, indoor fitness equipment, China detector system, outdoor leisure chairs, trash and other products, full range sales network throughout the country.

The company insists the product from the brand's height and angle, from all aspects of procurement, production, marketing, construction, services, and other raw materials are strictly management, execution 6S management system for the production of an effective quality assurance and security products through Beijing century sporting Goods Quality certification Center NSCC state system certified by the Tianjin Institute of product Quality supervision and Testing of qualified testing to achieve national technical standards. Has obtained ISO9001 international quality management system certification, ISO1400 environmental management system certification, GB / T28001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification, a National Sporting Goods Quality Supervision and Inspection Center designated inspection companies.

All our products are insurance companies underwriting quality, and quality is our lifeline service is an extension of our quality, Cheung Thai companies determined to "Xiang Tai card," "The Stars" brand products stronger, bigger, we follow the "high quality, trustworthiness and good service "commitment to provide customers with quality products and excellent service.

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